Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice – Review – Spoilers

[However, it does explain the included video…]


In an unbeknownst era, a war is taking place on an extraterrestrial battleground. The conflict has been going on for numerous years, as evidenced by a mixture of primitive and advanced technologies used in the fighting [a bit steampunk-esque or Mad Max-ish if you ask me]. While running across a war zone, a boy becomes trapped by “Handmines”; horrible abominations that are, in essence, hands with eyes that kill by dragging the victim underground. The Doctor arrives and tries to save the boy, delivering his sonic by means of an overly-dramatic toss so they can communicate and encourages him to survive. However, when the Doctor questions the boy’s name, he is terrified when the boy says he is Davros [bum bum BAAAA!]

[cut to intro- gosh darnit ya can’t do that to us, Moffat]

Centuries later, a creature named Colony Sarff [? enunciate your words, man…er…snake?], an agent of Davros, visits several worlds, including the headquarters of the Shadow Proclamation, an intergalactic police force, and the planet Karn, seeking the Doctor. His message for the Doctor is that Davros is dying and that “Davros knows, Davros remembers”. Colony Sarff reports to an ailing Davros that the Doctor cannot be located. Davros, still in ownership of the Doctor’s screwdriver, advises Sarff to seek the Doctor’s friends, as they will be able to locate him [I’d write another “bum bum baa”, but I assume it’s implied after that.]

On present day [?] Earth, our ever-inextinguishable Clara notices that a plane seems to be frozen in the sky [This isn’t The Matrix, Moffat, wrong show.]. She is then summoned to the Tower of London by UNIT to help them contact the Doctor. UNIT reveals that every plane that is currently airborne has frozen in time, and no-one knows what for. While trying to work out who is freezing the planes and what their motive is, UNIT receives an encrypted message on “The Doctor Channel” [Who votes this is what BBC should be renamed?]. The message’s sender turns out to be Missy [I’d say long-time-no-see, but that’d be a lie.], who arranges to meet with Clara in a open-air café. Missy confirms that she froze the planes because she needs Clara’s help in finding the Doctor, as she cannot get a positive location on him. Missy shows Clara the Doctor’s confession dial; a Time Lord’s “Last Will and Testament”, if you would, traditionally delivered on the day prior to a Time Lord’s death. Missy takes this as a sign that the Doctor believes he has one final day to live, and she is thoroughly concerned for him.

Clara and Missy track the Doctor to Essex in the year 1138, where the Doctor has spent three weeks “partying”, introducing a number of anachronistic items. [see attached video]

The three’s reunion is cut short when Colony Sarff appears. He relays Davros’ message for him and presents the Doctor’s screwdriver as proof of his bona fides [To which the Doctor replies some time later that he doesn’t carry a screwdriver anymore… WHAT!?!?]. Shame overwhelms the Doctor; it is revealed [in a flashback] that he didn’t save Davros, but instead, had abandoned him, and he agrees during the meeting to be taken prisoner. Clara and Missy, against the Doctor’s numerous objections, insist on coming along as fellow prisoners, Colony Sarff [my computer keeps insisting the word I’m searching for is scarf. Colony Scarf. Quite fitting, punintended.] agrees. In the meantime, Bors, the Doctor’s medieval rotund friend, in actuality, is a Dalek duplicate, and procures the Doctor’s TARDIS for the Daleks.

Sarff takes the three to what appears to be a space station. The Doctor is brought to Davros, who tells the Doctor that he remembers what he did to him when he was a little boy, and that he intends to destroy everything the Doctor loves. Meanwhile, Missy notices that the space station’s gravity does not feel artificial, as would be expected on a space station. She opens the air lock and steps out into what looks like space, before realizing that they are in reality standing on an invisible planet. The planet becomes visible and, much to Missy and the Doctor’s horror, as well as Clara’s human-ish confusion, is revealed to be Skaro, the Dalek homeworld. Missy and Clara are then captured by the Daleks who, as the Doctor watches in horror, seemingly exterminate them both and destroy the TARDIS, leaving the Doctor alone and powerless.

At the end of the episode, the Doctor is shown returning to the Handmine field. Young Davros asks if the Doctor has come to save him, but the Doctor, brandishing a Dalek gun, says he is going to save his friends the only way he can, and yells “EXTERMINATE!”

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